How to surprise your girl with a sex toy

Ensure that surprising your partner with a sex toy will be a welcome one by learning what to do. Timing is essential when it comes to surprises, but giving the right kind of sex toy is vital, too. 

Sex toys are said to enhance the pleasure of partners. You can have a threesome with Geelong escorts to take on the role of a live sex toy. You can buy gadgets and surprise your mate with those. 

Adult Sex Toys Shop

However, if you think your partner might be offended and reject adult toys, you can convince them by doing a few things. You can visit adult toy stores together to see your partner’s reaction. 

Sexy girl wearing black lingerie.

One of the toys might perk her interest, and you can buy it some other time and surprise her with it when you make out. You can also get another toy that interests you to add to the package. 

Adult shops sell not just sex toys but other items like sexy clothing and lubricants. It’s a good idea to buy what you think it would take to spice up your sex life. 

Convince Her 

If your partner does not want to visit an adult shop, you can look for sex toys and other related items at online shopping sites. If that still will not work, try watching porn movies wherein the star uses a sex toy and see if that will get her juices going. You may ask her if she wants to try it and then go buy it. 

If you really want to surprise your girl with a sex toy, buy her a small and realistic looking one with features that she will like, such as vibration. You may give it to her when you think the timing is correct, but don’t just pull it out and use it on her if she is very conservative. 

Do not pressure her into using it if she doesn’t like it. Just leave it, as curiosity might get the best of her, and she will try it when alone. 

Being uncomfortable about exploring new things when it comes to sex is common for girls. There are open-minded escorts who are willing to do almost anything, including fantasies. Yet, you will encounter women who are not experienced and will be shy to try out something new, like a dildo.

But, if you want to surprise her with a sex toy, get something classic like a vibrator. There is a good chance she will welcome it, and you can both enjoy the experience immediately. 

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t surprise her with it in bed, especially while she is blindfolded. That experience might be scary for her. Maybe after a few minutes of your usual activities, ask if you can give her a surprise gift. 

Find The Right Sex Toy 

You don’t want to give her a gift that makes her uncomfortable, and you don’t want to provide her with the wrong sort of toy. Do exploratory moves first to know what would be welcome and choose the right time to give the gift. Start looking online at the different sex toys to buy for your girl and maybe even for yourself.