How to enhance the pleasure of partners in bed

Many couples struggle with keeping their sex life exciting. No one wants to play a dud in bed, and everyone needs a little something extra to get their juices flowing.

Using foreplay, trying out new positions or adding in some sex toys can keep things interesting in the bedroom. Having good communication can also help. Couples that talk during sex have more pleasure, research shows.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your comfort zone and enhancing pleasure in bed can be an exciting challenge. It is normal to want your sex life to be comfortable, but if you want it to be exciting too, try some things that are out of the ordinary.

For example, try sex outside the bedroom or on the couch when you are in the mood. It can add a touch of sensual mystery that is both fun and arousing. You can also relive the heady days of your early relationship by engaging in some food play – pouring chocolate sauce on each other, eating marshmallows and strawberries or even dumping champagne over each other’s bodies.

It’s important to communicate your sexual needs in a general way, but don’t be afraid to use dirty talk during sex. It will help your partner get more excited and be a good indicator of what turns you on. It might also be a good idea to incorporate toys, like dildos and vibrators, to increase stimulation and pleasure.

Surprise Him

Keeping your partner on their toes in bed can be very exciting. One way to do that is to surprise him with something unexpected. It could be a new position, or it can be something as simple as touching him in a different way or having some sexy roleplay.

It’s also important to communicate with your partner about what turns you on in the bedroom. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of sex and forget about this, but it’s really important.

You can tell him what turns you on by saying things like “I want to touch you in that spot”, or ”I can’t stand the feeling of my hands on your bare skin.” You don’t have to go full dominatrix, but using some dirty talk can be very stimulating. You can even say these things while you are in the bedroom or during sex. It will keep your sex life interesting and bring you closer.

Be Open to Odd Things

Sometimes, toys provide pleasure in ways that the human body can’t. For example, a dildo can increase penetration during penetrative sex or a vibrator can enhance sexual stimulation and allow for more sensual moves. Try introducing toys to your relationship, but do it slowly so you can get used to it. And don’t be afraid to ask for direction – men love instructions especially if they come from you.

Many couples find that talking dirty turns them on in bed, and it can be a great way to create sexual tension. Communicating what turns you on to your partner may be as simple as a playful gesture, like slipping a note under their door or placing it in a place they’ll see often.

Another way to spice things up is by taking sex out of the bedroom. Sex in the living room or kitchen can add a fun element to your romantic time, and it’s a great way to build anticipation for what you might have in store for your partner in the bedroom later on.

Speak Up

Talking about sex and pleasure might feel scary, but it’s a necessary skill to build good intimacy with your partner(s). Couples who communicate about their sexual desires have better sex and happier, healthier relationships, research shows. But it’s important to talk about what turns you on – and what doesn’t – in a nonjudgmental, respectful manner. Choose a time to talk that won’t interrupt any other important events on your schedule, and be sure to keep the conversation away from places where you are intimate (like bed).

Piping up about new turn-ons can increase your intimacy in the bedroom, and it also helps you get on the same page if there are things that make you uncomfortable. Plus, it helps to create clear boundaries about what’s acceptable for both of you, which will prevent misunderstandings and ensure your partners know that your feelings matter.